Seychelles Animal Welfare Society (SAWS) is a charitable organisation founded by Ms. Ella Rene in August 2014 with the aim of promoting and standing for animal welfare in the Seychelles. It is comprised of a core team of young, dynamic individuals along with a network of volunteers both locally and abroad. SAWS aims to promote animal welfare in Seychelles by several means which include but are not limited to:

  1. Managing and running an animal shelter on each of the main islands of Seychelles
  2. Educating the public on animal care and management, with special emphasis in educational facilities
  3. Advocating for and enforcing modern animal welfare laws and strict legislation against animal neglect and abuse
  4. Raising funds to aid both animals and responsible pet owners in need
  5. Co-operating with other animal welfare agencies and pet service providers in Seychelles so that all animals have access to the services they require to lead happy and healthy lives
  6. Stray dog control, which include sterilisation campaigns, and rehoming.

Our first and foremost priority are the animals and their well-being. It is time that humanity realizes that we are not the only ones who inhabit the Earth and we are responsible for those in our care.
Basic animal needs

All animals require sufficient access to shelter, food, water, exercise, socialisation, medical attention and love

Educating children

”Teach the children so it will not be necessary to teach the adults” - Abraham Lincoln


Your dog/cat does not “need” to have babies. There are actually a lot of health benefits to sterilisation leading to longer, healthier, happier lives

Take responsibility

Remember every stray originates from a home. Irresponsible actions range from abandonment to letting your pet reproduce uncontrollably and roam the streets. Be responsible owners

We have so far done a variety of activities and events, including sterilisation campaigns (on several islands), pet funfairs and educational workshops, not to mention the large numbers of animals we process and rehome each year (including to homes overseas). All animals rehomed by SAWS are vaccinated, treated for parasites and sterilised. We have a no kill policy and all animals are given every chance at living a happy and healthy life. We attempt to, as much as possible, work with other organisations and agencies such as Pet Haven, SSPCA and Animal Control. Even with the constant struggle of limited resources and little support we will constantly attempt to be the voice for the voiceless, to care and protect our furry friends that unfortunately cannot do it for themselves.

Social Responsability

We always try to work with all members of society. Though we have no tolerance for cruelty or blatant neglect, we do try and work with the community for the benefit of the animals and neighbourhoods.

Mission Statement

To fight for the welfare of the animals of Seychelles

Membership and Constitution

SAWS is comprised of a core group of members. New members can only be added upon nomination by a current member and majority agreement of the remaining members after the nominee has proven themselves as a dynamic and contributing volunteer in the work we do. Every member has a minimum amount of participating and volunteer work they must do to ensure SAWS stays efficient and forward-moving.

Meet the Team

Current members are: Ella Rene (Founder and Chair person), Eleanor Ferris (Vice Chair person), Louisa Rene (Treasurer), Alessia Lavigne (Shelter Manager and Secretary), Brigitte Zelia, Dean Hissen Lee and Olga Lablache

Ella Rene

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Louisa Rene

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Brigitte Zelia

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Ellie Ferris

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Savio Dyer

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