Adopt a Friend

Very often, rescued animals always greatly appreciate the families who take them in. All our animals are dewormed, treated for fleas, ticks and lice, vaccinated (except cats), and sterilised (we organise sterilisation of pups and kittens have been adopted out at 6 months). We socialise and work with the animals as much as we can (toilet training, leash, basic commands, walks etc). Though we appreciate everyone who want to adopt, potential adopters must first answer some questions and may be home visited before being able to adopt a dog. The adoption process is sealed with a contract to ensure the continued safety of the animal. All these babies deserve a forever home. Give them the chance the deserve

Note: Kittens and puppies are not included on the website, please contact us to enquire.

Benefits of adopting

  • Giving an animal a second chance at a happy life
  • Experiencing the joys of owning a pet with our constant support
  • Allowing space and resources for us to help another poor furry soul in need of it